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Comment Policy

Probangla website is steadfast towards its goal. Here all the information related to job advertisement is provided. Probangla is no exception, as it has the facility to comment on any blog, to highlight any topic and to connect more closely with the visitors. Through comments, visitors express their various opinions and questions. But spammers make comments on blogs / websites for other purposes, which can ruin the reputation of a blog / website.

Therefore, every comment of Probangla is checked before it is published. If your comment violates our policy, it is deleted without being published. Another thing to keep in mind is that if the comment policy is violated at the same time, email and domain links with your IP may be blocked.


  • Commenter’s Name: Commenter’s Name Just enter your name in the entry field, no keywords like “Pro Bangla” etc. can be entered here. You can only use your name or any pseudonym.
  • Create valuable comments: Try to create comments related to each post. Comment on any technology or any opinion or question, so that the comment reply comes in handy for more readers including you.
  • Use the link in the comment: To share any additional information with everyone, you can share the external link. However, in order to maintain the linking balance, no more than two links can be shared in one comment. However the shared link must be necessary there. The link cannot be inserted in the comment to get any backlinks to your site deliberately.
  • Insulting words: This blog / website allows anyone to express their opinion, but this does not mean that you can write whatever you want. If someone comments using inappropriate words, they will be blocked with IP without any notice, and their comment will be deleted.

Conclusion: ProBangla is not responsible for any comments on the website, all comments are the responsibility of the commenter only. When a commenter comments on this blog / website, he acknowledges that he is solely responsible for every comment he makes, and that he owns that comment.

If you have any questions or concerns about this comment policy, please feel free to email us at