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About us

Welcome to and thank you for visiting our website.

ProBangla Jobs is a job related website of The site publishes job news, job information for government, private, defense, NGOs, banks and companies.

Pro Bangla is an online magazine / website based entirely on advertising. There may be more ways to generate revenue in the future, but it is not possible to sustain ProBangla without advertising right now. But of course no nonsense is displayed here, every ad is controlled and elegant by Google. No popup ads or additional ads will ever be detrimental to your reading experience. Although ProBangla has no direct control over advertising, we have blocked certain ad categories so that they are not harmful to young readers.

ProBangla does not directly promote any product or service. Probangla – Most of the links that are made outside of Probangla are in those cases official content related links, and those links will never hurt. If there is any affiliate link or referral link in Probangla, it is always mentioned. Another thing to note is that Probangla never stores and sells any visitor’s personal information. The email address of the reader who entered the comment is kept secret. However, any link published in the comment must be entered at your own risk. ProBangla does not accept the responsibility of the comment link.

We have observed many Bengali web blogs / websites which lack a lot of content quality, we try to gift quality content to my language-speakers through this website. Many third party websites have been used to create this content, but no information is published here without 100% verification.

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